April 1, 2012

Bye Bye Blogger!

I am so excited to be saying goodbye to Blogger. I don't get along well with Google, and Blogger itself has given me some trouble too. More importantly, I've found a much better hosting company where my blog can be structured more like a website. I'm super excited for this because of the dichotomy of my desires to both have a blog that I want others to be interested in AND have a personal journal that I know doesn't appeal to everyone I want to target for other posts I make. With the new blog hopefully I'll appeal to more readers by being able to highlight certain topics, and have the personal side be less integrated.

I'll be keeping this blog for personal reference, but all new posts will appear at my new site. I'm working on transferring particular posts that will be helpful to have in certain categories on my new site. Bear with me as I transfer old posts and try to write new posts as well. I haven't quite figured out how to become a follower, or if that's possible through Google, so if you figure that out let me know, and for now just bookmark it!

I'm also happy to announce a new blog that I am hoping can be a very helpful resource! Fresh and Delicious - a healthy recipe site designed for non-expert chefs. Check it out and recommend it to others!

Thanks for all of your support, reading, following, and comments! I greatly appreciate it. Now, come join me at the new and improved One Love!

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