Who Am I?

I am saved - by grace. I'm a Christian, and my story is all about grace. God's good, no, wonderful grace that saved me from all things I would have done if I had been myself (my sinful self). 

I am a wife, to Whit Jackson, the most perfect man in the world for me. I always dreamed of only dating one person, and marrying the first man I ever dated, kissed, or loved. Let me tell you something, if you pray, it works!

I am unconventional. Maybe not entirely, and maybe not in the sense most people use it in. But most of the time I don't like conforming to things because they're popular. In fact, finding out something is popular makes me kind of mad at the other people that stole my originality. Hmm...it can be a problem.

Speaking of that, I am the original lover of the color turquoise. It may be extremely popular now, but you should have seen my bedroom back in the early 2000's. And basically everything else I own.

I am obsessed with islands. I want one. And I want to live on one. And visit all of them. It's what I was made for, I just know. I'm hoping that in Heaven I'll get to live on an island and own a sailboat (that's why I'm not buying one here.)

I am an animal-lover. One Christmas early in my life, my parents got me a baby doll. I, however, saw my brother's stuffed dog and exclaimed, "look, I got a doggie!" My parents showed me the baby and I held it for a second and then threw it aside. What can I say.

I am a phish fan. I hate parties and dances with pop and rap, but I could dance all day to Phish. I love the funky songs, the complex compositions, and the steadiness of the bass.

I am a traveler. I've only felt homesick twice that I can remember. I love airports, long road trips, and finding new places. I am always dreaming about the next place that I get to go.

I am inquisitive. I don't care about what it is, I want to know why. The times I feel most frustrated are the times when I don't know the answer to the question why.

I am a thinker. I may not always have anything to say, I may not fully engage myself in any given experience, but I am always observing, analyzing, thinking. (This makes writing much easier than speaking for me.)

I am independent. It's not that I don't like you, I would just prefer to do things on my own or by myself.

I like to research, read, blog, learn photography, listen to music, run, play games, shop, host, and eat Mexican. I love colors, the beach, summer, and my jeep. I used to swim, dance, do gymnastics, and play the violin. I've been to 8 different countries and lived in Venezuela. I want to play the bass, own a cat (Tela), and go to Las Vegas. We're all strange, and now you know a little of my strangeness.

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