March 27, 2012

Atlantic City, Baby!

Do you know what this is? 

If you couldn't read cause the print was tiny then you wouldn't know that this is an email notifying me that we got tickets to all three nights of the Atlantic City mini-festival*!! Woohoo!!

Let me tell you why I'm excited about it:
-It's only two hours away
-It's over a weekend, meaning less time off work
-I've always wanted to go to Las Vegas, and this is a runner-up (Okay if you think I'm crazy, maybe I am but I used to LOOOVE poker. My friends and I played Texas Holdem at EVERY get-together we had in high school. We also went crazy over the casino after-proms at our schools. So I've wanted to go to Vegas since then.)
-It's a three-night run, which means that we will assuredly hear all different songs every night - no repeats. We usually go to shows in different cities and while you'll never hear the same songs at any given Phish concert, we would definitely hear repeats of a few (literally a few) which isn't as much fun as getting to hear all different ones.
-It's in summer at the beach!!! If you didn't know, that's my calling.
-It's all general admission, so we can get as close to the stage as the crowd makes possible. Normally at GA shows we get within 5-10 rows of people, which is very close and a lot more fun than sitting in the way back of an arena or on the lawn. This also means that we can actually request songs!! (We wanted to do this last summer but were on the lawn for every show.) If you write your song request on a poster or beach ball and Trey (the band leader and guitarist) sees it, he might decide to play your song! They played requests at almost every show we were at last summer.
-I just started learning the bass so by the time these shows come around I'll appreciate Mike's nastiness SO much more!!

*If you are wondering what I mean by mini-festival, I will explain. There is an abandoned airfield a couple blocks from the main area in Atlantic City. They will set up a stage in the middle of it and let everyone crowd around it. If you're picturing a Woodstock-type event you've got the right thing in mind (with less people obviously). This is different from a normal Phish festival where they set up tents with music, games, and other craziness, where they might set up a ferris wheel or other carnival rides, and where most everyone is camping out. We have always wanted to go to a festival so we're excited that this will be kind of like one!! (We would love the experience of camping at a festival, but it will be nice to stay in a hotel and be able to get in the ocean too.)

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