March 21, 2012

A Few Words About Our Move

It feels like weeks have gone by, but it's only been six days since we were in Mechanicsville. Whit and I drove up to sign our lease on Friday, got to get our keys early and unloaded our two cars. The next day we drove down to Baltimore to meet Whit's parents with a full truck and trailer of our stuff, and unpacked our storage unit with the help of Joe and his friend. We drove the stretch from Baltimore to our town one more time and four of our new co-workers helped us to unpack everything in a couple of hours. I absolutely love our new place and having all of our stuff again! Honestly I just feel happier and more comfortable with all of our things because well, we picked them out so we like them! It's hard to live in an environment when you're surrounded by a ton of things you didn't choose and aren't your favorite. I feel much better now. :) 

So you're probably wondering what all has been going on since the move. Here are a few details:
-Our apartment is a lot nicer than our Blacksburg duplex, but I still miss the kitchen space and the built-in bookcase. Character.
-On the flipside, there are several things that really annoy me in our apartment. Like the way the fan is attached to the light in the bathroom so it's always on - I hate that! 
-We live .25 miles from a Dunkin Donuts. Heaven??
-The blockbuster next to us is going out of business, and Whit and I found 10 movies for $2 each. We lost the bag during the move-in and for a couple days I was agonizing over the potential loss of not $14, but the ability to find so many great movies for such a good price. (We found it!)
-The town west of ours is real ghetto. It's just shady. I promise to not go over the bridge alone at night.
-Our town is less ghetto but still kinda...less suburban than I'm used to. I shopped at K-Mart and Kohls for Whit's birthday present. Not that those are bad stores, I would just always go to Target instead if given the opportunity (which I have always had).
-On the other hand, the town we work in, which is about 15 minutes away, has everything you could ever dream of. Including a Cosi that I was unaware of until yesterday! Yummmm. Ooh and the Target there looks like an old barn! It's really cool.
-We have a gajillion and one local pizza joints nearby. Like, really Italian and really local. Italian guys, thick accents, and "regulars." Knowing my love for Italian, you know I'm set.
-We got to go to Ikea! Great in itself, but add that Whit loved going too, and we found great new furniture for our office! Score!
-Our clubhouse has free sodas & water bottles all the time. You can get one whenever you want.
-I used the gym today! It's a really nice walk to the clubhouse & fitness center. I skipped my water bottle and grabbed one of the aforementioned free ones from the lounge. Sweet.
-Yesterday was Whit's birthday! We had the day off but were still unpacking so it wasn't as special of a day as I would like for him to have, but I think he still had a great day. :) His present? A delicious dinner at a nice place downtown...and a fish! We named him Fishman, after Phish's drummer (named Jon Fishman).
-Most importantly, we have felt SO blessed during this whole move-in process! The neighbor who lives above us works nights (and we are on the corner) so we don't have to worry about our sound system being too loud. He also brought us an aloe plant. We met the people who live two doors down from us; they were friends with the people who just moved out and they seem really cool so I am hoping we can be good friends with them! Two of our future co-workers have brought us meals! And lots of other great things :)

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